At Your Leisure

We made it! My first official blog post. Whether it’s about music, events, goals, or inspirational quotes – this blog won’t necessarily have a theme. I want my portfolio to remain professional, however, the blog is great way to lighten things up and let you know I’m human! Balance is key, and whether it’s on a professional or personal level, I think there’s always that something that everyone can relate too. So let’s talk!

I’ll be honest – the thought of creating my own website seemed impossible. Do I need to hire a designer? What about a developer? Can I afford this? How long will it take me? Without even stopping to think about the possibilities – I thought of the worst case scenario. Now this is my personal opinion, but I feel that when we’re challenged to step out side of the box and try something new, it’s easier to just throw your hands up and say “I can’t” instead of making the attempt for it to happen. The former was my attitude [at the time], so I tucked the idea away and didn’t think about it for several months.

As time went on, so did the frustration. I was putting in months worth of content for HipHopCanada, which is fantastic, but [for me] it wasn’t enough. It’s not easy to branch out in an industry as competitive as this when you don’t have the resources to showcase your best work. I knew I wanted more from my writing and a portfolio was an absolute must.

After few more hums and haws and suggestions from friends in the industry – it was time to put my plan into action. I purchased everything via GoDaddy and went to work, but again, the doubts came in. I’ve had plenty of experience with WordPress but building my own site was an entire different story.

From themes, plugins, SEO, etc. – it was beyond overwhelming. I didn’t know where to begin, but as I did the work, it became more and more apparent that they key to creating your own website is to make the internet work for you. All the tools you could possibly use are at the click of a mouse and a keyboard. It’s at your own leisure, pace, and (the best part) you set the budget.

Thanks to Google, WordPress forums and YouTube tutorials – I launched my website within one month! That’s the beauty of the internet – you’re in control of what you want to make of it. Now that I have accomplished this goal, I want nothing more than to help someone else accomplish one of theirs. So if there’s something that you’ve been sitting on for days/weeks/months because it seems impossible – I’m here to help you understand that it isn’t.

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