Swizz Beatz vs. Just Blaze Beat Battle: Another Moment in Hip-Hop History!


On Friday night (February 24), superstar producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze put on the MOST EPIC beat battle LIVE ON INSTAGRAM. No corporate sponsors, no streaming service to subscribe to – just over two straight hours (beat for beat), strictly for the people.

I didn’t catch wind of the battle until the next morning and I knew immediately that I had missed something huge. Luckily, because the internet, videos from the battle were reposted everywhere online. When I finally had the chance to sit down and watch it – I was completely beside myself. This. is. HIP-HOP. I’ve been lucky to experience so much in this culture (including 2 live DJ sets from Just Blaze himself), but this was one of the greatest moments in hip-hop I’ve ever seen. And I wasn’t even there!

For two solid hours the two legends went head to head, spinning DECADES of their greatest hits. Hits that took me back to my high school days, joints that I didn’t even know either of them even produced, joints that I had never even heard before! I’m still upgrading my catalog as we speak! In the end Swizz bamboozled everyone by dropping an unreleased track by Nas, Jay Z, Jadakiss and DMX. What?!?

Needless to say, Swizz came out on top, but as cliche as it sounds, they were both winners in my humble opinion.

These are timeless moments in hip-hop, songs that literally put a staple in the game. I can’t express it enough, but if you know this culture, you’ll understand the levels. This is what hip-hop needed and what makes it even more special is that Swizz and Just knew it. They put this on for us, for free, when they easily could’ve made six figures (each) for it. This was for the culture. That phrase is thrown around a little too easy these days, but what Just and Swizz did is the essence of what the culture is all about. Wow! What a moment in hip-hop history.

If you love hip-hop and haven’t had a chance to watch this…you’re welcome!

*Hot Tip: Check the top comment of the video. YouTube user “AHAA FLAWLESS” took the time to make a full track list from the set, minute mark and everything. Shout out to him!

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